Development of an All-New (and Unique!) Saturn Aura Underway

AutoWeek magazine reported via its website earlier this week that Saturn will indeed offer a new version of its critically acclaimed and increasingly popular Aura sedan. For awhile now, it has been widely believed that the next Aura would be a rebadged version of the GM Epsilon II-based Opel and Vauxhall Insignia, which was just unveiled at the London Motor Show. It turns out, however, that's not entirely the case.

Bob Lutz, talking to reporters at the unveiling of the Insignia, told AutoWeek that the next-generation Aura will be based on the Insignia, but the North American-built misdize Saturn will sport a different look inside and out. "While the cars will share sub-systems, suspensions, and powertrains," wrote AutoWeek, "the Aura will have a completely different skin and interior." Lutz reinforced that message when he told the publication that, "the Saturn version will be its own car."

Speaking of production, which won't start for another two or three years, what you won't see being built is a coupe version of either the Aura or Insignia. "Why introduce a two-door version of the four-door with the same sheetmetal?" Lutz asked when responding to questions about a possible coupe variant.

Still, outside the fact that Lutz confirmed yet again that Saturn is slated to get an all-new midsize product, the most intriguing news to come out of AutoWeek's report is that the Aura and Insignia will share powertrains. Although, at this point Autoblog concedes that they "are not sure just how many of the six available gas and diesel engines in the Euro-only Opel will make their way Stateside."

Nonetheless, high gas prices have forced car buyers to rethink their purchases, so more engine choices will give customers the ability to pick and choose the powertrain option that suits their performance and economical needs. And if rumors about the future powertrain "enhancements" hold true, the Aura will continue to be a compelling player in the midsize market for may years to come.

Source: AutoWeek, Autoblog

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