2009 Saturn Aura Fuel Economy Figures Revealed

Saturn teased fans with a riddle late last month on it's ImSaturn.com social networking site about how in 2009, 4x6 would equal 33. If you're still trying to figure out what all that means, you can stop guessing. In a message posted earlier this week, the brand explained its "unconventional" math, and it congratulated those of you who correctly decoded their cryptic message.

The 2009 Saturn Aura will feature a four-cylinder engine, combined with a new six-speed automatic transmission, giving the vehicle a highway fuel economy rating of 33 miles per gallon (4 cylinders x 6 speeds = 33 mpg). That's an increase of three miles per gallon from 2008 and the best highway fuel economy rating of any non-hybrid midsize sedan. The Aura's city fuel economy is also impressive at 22 mpg. This efficient four-cylinder/six-speed combo will now be standard on both the Aura XE and XR models. That means you can get the segment-leading fuel economy along with the high content of the XR model. (We're dropping the 3.5 V6 XE, but we still offer 3.6 V6 on the XR model.) We are also proud to announce that the 2009 Saturn Aura hybrid also gets a significant boost in fuel economy. The new EPA ratings are 26 mpg on the city and 34 mpg on the highway, up from 24/32 in 2008. The Aura hybrid retains its 2.4 liter engine and modified four-speed transmission.

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