2009 Saturn Aura Brochure

2009 Saturn Aura Brochure

The big news for the Saturn Aura in 2009 is the car's best-in-class EPA-estimated 33 mile per gallon highway rating for non-hybrid models equipped with the 2.4L engine and smooth-shifting 6-speed automatic transmission. Sure, you can still opt for the more powerful 252-hp 3.6L V6 or the even more fuel-efficient 2.4L hybrid model, but it's the 33-mpg XE and uplevel XR Auras that will likely attract the most attention from curious midsize car shoppers wondering, "how'd they do that?" Get all the details and see for yourself by going through the '09 Aura brochure page-by-page, or if you prefer, you can view all the pages at once.

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Installing Eibach Springs, Drilled and Slotted Rotors on a 2007 Saturn Aura

Drilled and Slotted Rotors

This is my first write up so keep that in mind if I leave some stuff out, just ask. Jack the car up. And if you don’t have shade, make your own like I did. Take the rear wheel off first. Remove the caliper. I used a cut coat hanger to hang the caliper out of the way for the rest of the brake removal. The smaller bolts are for the caliper, the pink colored bolts hold the bracket on.