Saturn has Sharp Cars, Low Profile

Saturn's Matt Armstrong recently talked to the Detroit Free Press about the progress the brand is making with its revitalization efforts. "Just a year ago, the top three reasons peopled picked a Saturn were value, fuel economy and the price or monthly payment," he told the newspaper. "Now they are exterior styling, value and fuel economy. That shows that people appreciate our new products. They're coming in because of the products, not because of the payment."

Jay Leno Checks Out the 2008 Saturn Astra

Watch as Jay Leno takes a look at the new 2008 Saturn Astra as part of "The GM Minute" video series on his website.

Google Uses Astra to Capture Data for Upcoming 'Street View' Service in Europe

PC World published a story this week about a project Google is believed to have underway that is leading up to the European launch of its popular "Street View" service for Google Maps. The magazine says two Google employees were spotted on the streets of Paris collecting photos and location information using a Opel Astra rigged with all sorts of electronic equipment.

'10 Astra Secrets Revealed?

2010 Saturn Astra Artist's Rendering

Drive, an Australian online motoring magazine, has a sneak peak at what they think the next-generation Astra will look like. Due in 2009 and sold by Holden in the land down under, Saturn's version is expected to go on sale in North America a year later. According to the article, the new car will feature "sexier looks, sportier handling, and fuel-efficient engines."

Video: 2008 Saturn Astra 3-Door XR Review

Fox News recently reviewed the Saturn Astra XR and said: "In true Euro-compact fashion, the ride is stable and sure, with a high comfort level over bumps, but excellent composure through turns.

Saturn Astra XR is Simply Fun to Drive

You can tell that Ralph Gray had a great time test driving the 2008 Saturn XR 3-door. "The seat and steering wheel configuration dictates that the driver extend his arms straight out to handle the wheel," he wrote. "That's the way it's done on the Autobahn."

Call it Euro Brash: 2008 Saturn Astra

Dan Neil of the LA Times is a self-described European car fan who liked driving Saturn's Astra hatchback. "It's well equipped, a great value, surprisingly comfortable – even in the back, under that umbrella of a roof – and on a tight twisty, it's just phenomenal," he said in his review.

Consumer Reports Gives Astra 'Very Good' Rating

CR road tested the Volkswagen Rabbit S, Subaru Impreza Outback Sport, Toyota Matrix S, Saturn Astra XE, Mini Cooper Clubman, and Scion xD in the June 2008 issue of its magazine. According to their testers, the vehicles were ranked in the order above with the 5-door Astra coming in fourth place. Nonetheless, the compact Saturn hatchback was rated "very good" for how well it performed.

'08 Astra Opens a New Universe to Saturn

2008 Saturn Astra XR 5-Door

Jim Mateja from the Chicago Tribune reviews the 2008 Saturn Astra and talks about how a recent TV commercial for the brand effectively showed how the Astra signifies the culmination of Saturn's revitalization efforts. "A young man walks into a dealership, sees very attractive hardware, and with a quizzical look peeks back out the door to make sure the sign says Saturn," he wrote.

Astra is One of the Best Small Cars GM has Offered in the United States

The Shenandoah Valley News liked the Saturn Astra so much they said it was one of GM's best small cars - ever. "The handling is precise with excellent steering feedback," wrote the paper, "and all the tires stay well planted even when pushed hard."

Random Article from the Archives

Michigan Saturn Retailers Remain Hopeful as GM Charts Changes


West Michigan television station WZZV Channel 13 spoke to Ron Macearn, General Manager of the Suburban Collection, owner of all the Saturn retail facilities in Michigan, about General Motors' to plans to possibly sell or close the once independent Saturn brand. WZZM 13 News reports that Macean told the station that they find the development "very disappointing. It's a very successful brand for us and we remain optimistic."