Two Saturn Astras Spotted on the "Transformers 2" Set at Princeton University

Admittedly, I wasn't a big fan of the Transformers afternoon cartoon series or the popular action figures as a kid. In the 1980s I was more interested watching KITT pull high-tech stunts on NBC's Knight Rider.  That's all changing now with the making of Michael Bay's sequel to the 2007 blockbuster "Transformers" movie. Why? It looks like the Saturn Astra will have a starring role in the film.

I enjoyed the Transformers movie last year; the new Camaro looked great and the special effects were awesome. When I heard they were going to film a second movie, I was curious to see how the story line would evolve. But with the Astra having a featured role – at least for a piece of the movie – I am really looking forward to its release next year.  It's been fun reading about the progress of the filming every couple of days. Lately, there's been a lot of talk about the Astra and its role within the movie.

Here are some highlights from the Transofrmers Live Action Movie Blog:

  • "The Saturn Astra used in the shoot (and seen at UPENN) actually has a twin. One was pre-damaged for a collision with the light pole with a large hole in the windshield and damage on the hood (first pic in the background). The second car is an un-damaged version of the same vehicle."
  • "Shia [LaBeouf is] in the Astra which suggests he is in it when it gets shot up and crashes in a pole."
  • Several video captures "show a scene involving the Saturn Astra and the Persuit Go-Kart as they down a street. It includes a reset, re-take, and the extras doing their thing. The Astra is damaged so I guess its something that occurs after the pole crash."
  • Finally, is Saturn planning to offer a new wheel and tire option on the Astra in time for next summer's release of the movie? The wheels on the TF2 Astra look fitting for a Red Line model...

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