Saturn Astra is Dynamic and Efficient

Canadian Automotive website praised both Saturn and GM in this road test review for making "virtually no compromises" when they decided to bring the popular Astra hatchback to North America. They "kept as many characteristics of the European Astra as possible."

The North American Astra should prove to be as successful and popular among driving enthusiasts and fans of the original, euro-flavored model. GM boldly chose to offer the Astra as a hatchback only. The exterior styling is clean -- sleek, but not simplistic. Traditional Saturn design cues were used, such as the front grille, but the Astra did not lose its European flair. Inside, there are even more reasons to be impressed. The spongy plastic dashboard is more sharply executed than that of most rivals. The layout, in itself, is devoid of extravagance, yet it has a unique, unparalleled character. Here, I must admit that GM clearly hit the target, if not the bull's eye.

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Piggy Bank

Earlier this month, compiled a list of 300 vehicles and their associated insurance premiums. On the list of the 20 least expensive cars to insure was the Saturn Vue, ranking ninth. For those of you who don't own a Vue, you'll be happy to know that most Saturn models did well in their categories. The only exceptions were Saturn's hybrid models, which due to their electrified powertrains, are more expensive to replace in the event of a collision. Despite these higher premiums, Saturn hybrids still managed to rank in the middle of their respective classes.