MotoringTV Drives the 3- and 5-Door Saturn Astra

Check out this well done, fast-paced video road test of the 3- and 5-door Saturn Astra hatchbacks. The reviewer provides some insightful comments about the "much anticipated" Saturn, its notable competition, and a comparison between the two Astra models.

Saturn is an evolving brand. Now believe it or not, the Sky roadster is the oldest vehicle in its portfolio. Unlike many of the European imports GM has shipped across the pond, the Astra actually arrives intact. It is exactly as sold by Opel,, which is a very good thing. Lift the hood and you'll find a peppy 1.8L four that's mated to a 5-speed manual or optional 4-speed automatic. The engine is also a smooth operator. The idle is refined and even when stretched to the red line it retains its composure. The 5-door has an accomplished ride that is both comfortable and capable; the three-door is as good as anything in the class.

Source: MotoringTV

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