Thank You for Helping Save Saturn

Save Saturn

With Friday's announcement of Roger Penske's intent to purchase Saturn from General Motors, I am officially closing the "Save Saturn" petition. It worked! Thank you for your help saving Saturn! Whether you just signed the petition, or did more by helping spread the word among friends and family, your efforts paid off.

I first posted the petition nearly seven months ago, and it ended up giving almost 7000 concerned owners and enthusiasts a platform to protest of GM's decision to shutdown the Saturn brand - that's more than 10x the number of signatures that I was hoping to receive. Within a matter of hours, sources told that news about the petition had made it to the highest levels of GM. The press took note of the petition too. CNN featured on the front page of its website for a few hours on Wednesday, December 10th. Websites like Motor Trend and AutoBlog wrote about the petition, and a Washington DC television station featured the site on its 6pm newscast.

Saturn General Manager Jill Lajdziak acknowledged everyone's effort to save the brand this past Friday when she told reporters about the "groundswell of support for Saturn, with our retailers and owners urging us to save the brand. We heard their call loud and clear, and it inspired us as we worked to secure Saturn's future." The company reportedly received hundreds of letters from disheartened owners. A special thanks to Jill and her team, Saturn's Franchise Operations Team, and retailers for working together to envision a business case that breathes new life into Saturn. I can't imagine the stress and pressures they've been under.

These past several months have been both exciting and frustrating. Rumors and speculation keeping Saturn fans on edge, as we sifted through and debated countless rumors and news reports for any indication of how it might all turn out. But now we know. If all goes as planned, Roger Penske - an icon in the automotive world - will own Saturn by the end of the September. He plans to run the company using a business model that will make the storied brand a different kind of car company once again. I'm excited about the opportunities for Saturn in the future, and as a consumer, I'm anxious to see how Mr. Penske and the Saturn team plan to grow the Saturn lineup and transform the company into a global brand. Things are just getting started now that Saturn is here to stay!

Thanks for hanging in there, and thank you for your continued support! Stay tuned to for the latest on what's next for Saturn!

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